We advocate for justice in health and food systems.

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Health Law & Policy

CHLPI works to advance health equity for people living with lower income and chronic health conditions. Our Health Law & Policy efforts aim to increase access to high-quality health care, address health-related social needs, fight discrimination through impact litigation, and support community education and advocacy capacity across all our initiatives.

holding tomatoes in a blue crate

Food Law & Policy

CHLPI’s Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) addresses complex legal and policy challenges in our food system, both nationally and internationally. We work to increase access to nutritious foods, address the climate-related impacts of food and agricultural systems, reduce waste of healthy, wholesome food, and promote food system justice.

Health Law & Policy
Focus Areas

We support increased access to high-quality and comprehensive care and treatment for systemically marginalized communities, particularly people with lower income, Communities of Color, and people living with chronic health conditions.

When health care rights are on the line, we fight discrimination in health care systems by prosecuting impact litigation and supporting other cases with amicus briefs.

In order to address the long-standing health disparities impacting our communities, we must rethink health system design. We help bridge the gap between health care and social services by supporting law and policy reforms that address patients’ health-related social needs.

Food Law & Policy
Focus Areas

Approximately one-third of the world’s food is lost or wasted. We are at the forefront of policy efforts to reduce food waste and promote the recovery of safe food in the United States and around the world.

Food System Justice

Creating a just food system involves dismantling systems of oppression at all stages of the food supply chain and supporting advocacy led by communities most impacted by these systems. We work with communities and workers throughout the food system to advance the changes they care about most through policy support and advocacy.

Understanding the role that nutrition plays in shaping health outcomes, we identify and promote key legal and policy levers that increase the quality of the food supply as well as people’s physical and economic access to nutritious and safe foods.

Climate and Sustainability

Food and agricultural systems have a major impact on the climate and sustainability of our planet. We promote food policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect finite resources like land and water, and ensure food access for generations to come.


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Student Experience

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CHLPI offers students hands-on experience in health and food law and policy.

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