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Projects & Resources at CHLPI

To advance our mission, CHLPI leads several projects and develops numerous resources to drive transformative change within our focus areas. We address a range of issues from nutrition in health care, to HCV treatment access, to global food waste, to protecting transgender health care rights, and beyond. Throughout these efforts, we equip stakeholders with the tools, research, and recommendations they need to navigate the complex health- and food-related landscapes in which we work.

Health Law & Policy
Focus Areas

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Health Care Access and Coverage

We support increased access to high-quality and comprehensive care and treatment for systemically marginalized communities, particularly people with lower income, Communities of Color, and people living with chronic health conditions.

protest for healthcare equality

Social Determinants of Health

In order to address the long-standing health disparities impacting our communities, we must rethink health system design. We help bridge the gap between health care and social services by supporting law and policy reforms that address patients’ health-related social needs.

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Health Care Rights Enforcement

When health care rights are on the line, we fight discrimination in health care systems by prosecuting impact litigation and supporting other cases with amicus briefs.

Food Law & Policy
Focus Areas

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Food Waste and Recovery

Approximately one-third of the world’s food is lost or wasted. We are at the forefront of policy efforts to reduce food waste and promote the recovery of safe food in the United States and around the world.

People gathered around a table planning.

Food System Justice

Creating a just food system involves dismantling systems of oppression at all stages of the food supply chain and supporting advocacy led by communities most impacted by these systems. We work with communities and workers throughout the food system to advance the changes they care about most through policy support and advocacy.

hand cutting cantaloupe with a knife

Food Access and Nutrition

Understanding the role that nutrition plays in shaping health outcomes, we identify and promote key legal and policy levers that increase people’s physical and economic access to nutritious and safe foods.

hand cutting cantaloupe with a knife

Climate and Sustainability

Food and agricultural systems have a major impact on the climate and sustainability of our planet. We promote food policies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect finite resources like land and water, and ensure food access for generations to come.

Health Care in Motion

Health Care in Motion is CHLPI’s regular digest of updates, action alerts, policy development analysis, white papers, and advocacy tools addressing the changing health care policy landscape. Our goal is to provide timely and concise information on recent health policy developments, the potential impact of those developments, and guidance on next steps in advocacy to protect the needs of our communities.

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