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What We Do

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation (CHLPI) works to improve the health of people with lower income, People of Color, LGBTQ+ communities, and people living with chronic health conditions.

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From addressing access to traditional medical care, to supporting the integration of health care and social services, and to fighting health care discrimination in court, we are champions for a future health care system in which everyone’s health-related needs can be met.

Our health policy experts are advocates, researchers, educators, and litigators. We work at all levels of government to monitor, analyze, and respond to regulations, laws, and policies that impact access to health care and social services. We also ensure that stakeholders have the tools, research, and recommendations they need to support health care reform and progressive policy proposals.

Across CHLPI’s health law and policy work, we focus on building and supporting coalition infrastructure and advocacy capacity. We provide in-depth trainings and technical assistance, and we work with consumers and providers to explain the legislative and policy-making processes and how to participate in them effectively.

CHLPI’s Health Law and Policy Clinic is a clinical teaching program of Harvard Law School and mentors students to become skilled, innovative, and thoughtful practitioners and leaders in health and public health law and policy.

Health Law & Policy
Focus Areas

We support increased access to high-quality and comprehensive care and treatment for systemically marginalized communities, particularly people with lower income, Communities of Color, and people living with chronic health conditions.

In order to address the long-standing health disparities impacting our communities, we must rethink health system design. We help bridge the gap between health care and social services by supporting law and policy reforms that address patients’ health-related social needs.

When health care rights are on the line, we fight discrimination in health care systems by prosecuting impact litigation and supporting other cases with amicus briefs.

Students: Learn About Our Clinic and Courses

As a clinical teaching program of Harvard Law School, CHLPI provides a range of learning opportunities and experiences for students interested in health law, policy, and advocacy. Learn about our Health Law and Policy Clinic, as well as the courses taught by our faculty and staff.

Featured Project

Public Health in Massachusetts

CHLPI has a special focus on infectious disease and access to health care services that promote public health in Massachusetts, our home state. Often in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, we help stakeholders navigate coverage for infectious disease prevention, care, and treatment.

Health Care in Motion

Health law and policy can evolve rapidly, making it difficult to keep up. Health Care in Motion is our regular digest of updates, action alerts, policy development analysis, white papers, and advocacy tools addressing the changing health care policy landscape.

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