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The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, including the Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) and Health Law and Policy Clinic (HLPC), has a long history of addressing the health- and food-related needs of people with inequitable access to or power within our health and food systems. We bring in-depth knowledge of relevant laws and policies and strategic, coordinated approaches to our work at the systems level. As a result, we are able to break down barriers to vital health care, food, and social services. These efforts, however, would not be possible without critical philanthropic support.

While CHLPI, FLPC, and HLPC benefit from the support of Harvard Law School, grants and gifts cover the majority of our annual budget. Our funders and donors make a major difference in our quest to change the status quo in our health and food systems. The impact that our funders have on our efforts to lead systems-level change is clear.

Our Impact

Anti-Discrimination Protections

We identify discriminatory trends in both private and public plans that limit access to care and treatment and work collaboratively with partners to end those practices.

Global Food Waste Law and Policy

Through The Global Food Donation Policy Atlas, we work across five continents to recommend and implement food donation policies and convene global policymakers to share best practices and experiences.

Nutrition Security

We develop strategies to improve nutrition security through an unmatched trove of resources and knowledge on policy avenues to integrate nutrition interventions into health care delivery and financing.

Farm Bill

We work to shape a farm bill that better meets the long-term needs of our society. The 2018 Farm Bill contained seven new programs to reduce food waste as recommended by FLPC, and we are currently advocating for even more improvements to the 2023 Farm Bill.

Viral Hepatitis Elimination

We eliminate barriers to Hepatitis C treatment in state Medicaid programs. Since 2017, 21 states have removed prior authorization requirement for most patients, 33 have either eliminated or reduced their fibrosis restrictions, 36 have loosened their sobriety restrictions, and 35 have scaled back their prescriber restrictions.

State-Level Food Waste

We have provided in-depth technical assistance to agencies in 20 states plus Washington D.C. on state-specific food waste policy and championed the passage of food waste laws in four states.

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