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CHLPI New Jersey Diabetes Report Garners Attention

The recently-launched 2014 New Jersey State Report: Providing Access to Healthy Solutions (PATHS) – An Analysis of New Jersey’s Opportunities to Enhance Prevention and Management of Type 2 Diabetes, has gained attention both in New Jersey and across the country from healthcare policymakers, advocates, and the press.

Read below for a compilation of news items about the Report and related events.

American Pharmacist Association’s Pharmacy Today: Harvard Law School: Include pharmacists on diabetes care teams.

NJ Spotlight: Report, Conference Recommend Ways to Reduce Rise of Diabetes in NJ.

Burlington County Times: Raising Awareness of Diabetes in NJ.

The Daily Journal: Fighting Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity in the Local Area.

PR Newswire: New Jersey Diabetes Leadership Forum Highlights Prevention and Management Solutions for Type 2 Diabetes.

CHLPI Website:  Syringes, Pens, and Pumps: New Jersey Diabetes Educator Demonstrates the Challenges of Managing Insulin Dependence.

CHLPI Website: From Open Streets to Cooking Classes, New Jersey PATHS Speakers Highlight Innovative Healthy Solutions.

CHLPI Website: Statistics Are Not the Whole Story: Dr. Anthony Cannon’s Keynote at New Jersey PATHS Event Makes the Diabetes Epidemic Personal.

CHLPI Website: CHLPI Clinicians and Students Travel to New Jersey to Launch Report on Diabetes.

Harvard Law School Clinical and Pro Bono Programs Website: Clinical Fellows and Students Collaborate on PATHS Report.

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