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FLPC Director Quoted in Harvard Gazette Article

A May 2, 2016 article in the Harvard Gazette looks at the impact of author Michael Pollan on the public’s understanding of issues related to food, diet, and agriculture, and his recent visit to the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic.

“From Fresh Food to Magic Mushrooms” also looks at Pollan’s current work on psychedelic drugs and their potential therapeutic use.

Excerpt from article:

“Assistant Clinical Professor of Law Emily Broad Leib, director of the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, hosted Pollan in a private meeting with clinic students and in one of her classes afterward. Pollan answered questions and asked students about their own food-related projects.

Broad Leib credited Pollan with helping awaken the country to problems with the food system by explaining potentially dry topics like the intricacies of the U.S. farm bill in an easy-to-understand, engaging way. It’s telling, she said, that roughly three-fourths of student applicants to a Harvard food law summit last fall cited Pollan’s writing as influential.

‘I think his influence has been enormous; it’s almost hard to overstate it,’ Broad Leib said. ‘He has popularized the understanding and knowledge of these complicated topics.’”

Read “From Fresh Food to Magic Mushrooms” in full.

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