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Let’s Talk About Food – Lawyers to the (FOOD) Rescue

Originally published on Heritage Radio Network and aired 6/12/22.

Emily Broad Leib is a Clinical Professor of Law and Founding Director of the Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic, the nation’s first law school clinic devoted to providing legal and policy solutions to the challenges facing our food system. 

When I first met Emily, she was just out of law school and just back from a stint working as a legal aid lawyer in the Mississippi Delta. As a young instructor at Harvard Law School, she was essentially being a friendly sort of mentor to small group of Harvard law school students who thought, huh, there’s nothing happening with food law, and thought that should be rectified. Now she is one of the leading voices in the country – and even beyond – about all the ways food intersects with the law. But I’ll stop and let Emily tell the story instead of me. It’s a great one.

Link to podcast HERE.

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