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Mississippi Delta Fellowship 2019-2021: Applications Being Accepted

Mississippi Delta Fellowship, 2019 – 2021
Full Delta Fellowship Application Description, Details, and Requirements

Applications due by midnight on March 25, 2019

Based in the Mississippi Delta, the Delta Fellowship provides a unique opportunity for law school graduates to inform and catalyze community change through the creation, development, and management of interdisciplinary projects. The Delta Fellow will build on existing projects, launch new projects in partnership with Delta Directions partners (which include programs at University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, Harvard Law School, and Harvard School of Public Health), and have the opportunity to design one new signature project for completion during their tenure, subject to review and input by members of the Delta Directions Consortium. The Fellowship is hosted by the University of Mississippi Center for Population Studies, and supported by the Winokur Family Foundation and Community Foundation of Northwest Mississippi.

Previous and current project themes of the Delta Directions Consortium include:

  • Food Policy: Delta Fellows’ work has included establishing and supporting the Mississippi Food Policy Council; supporting the launch of farm to school programs throughout the state; assisting small farmers by publishing guides and conducting trainings; and working to increase food access in rural Mississippi.
  • Public Health: Delta Fellows’ projects have included supporting better mental health practices; promoting healthy practices like breastfeeding; providing research and recommendations on improving maternal and infant health; and conducting research on policy opportunities to support better lead testing in small rural water systems.
  • Economic Development: Delta Fellows’ work has included partnering with University of Mississippi to create a small business incubator and launch a transactional legal clinic; publishing guides to support small businesses; and publishing reports in support of economic development.

Principal responsibilities of the Delta Fellow include:

  • Managing existing and developing new projects, based on local needs, research, evidence-based results, interdisciplinary opportunities, and interest from Delta Directions partners;
  • Researching, drafting, and editing policy and research reports, and educating community partners and policymakers on the research;
  • Planning and advising clinical and pro bono projects for Harvard Law students in the HLS Mississippi Delta Project, the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation, and other Harvard Law School clinics;
  • Identifying opportunities for and mentoring college students from local universities to work in the Delta;
  • Helping to plan and host the annual Delta Regional Forum;
  • Reporting twice annually to Delta Directions Advisory Committee and preparing a public annual report; and
  • Supporting coordination, growth, and development of the Delta Directions Consortium.

For more information, please visit http://www.deltadirections.com (for information about Delta Directions) and http://chlpi.flywheelstaging.com (for information about the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation). Applications are due midnight on March 25, 2019.


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