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New Food Law Teaching Resource: Simulation on Food Safety Policy

The Food Law and Policy Clinic’s faculty director, Professor Emily Broad Leib, recently published a new simulation for use in a law school course. The simulation, titled “Share-Inn Economy,” is a case where students play the role of general counsel helping their company to understand the applicable food safety laws, draft legislation, and practice oral advocacy around laws related to the sale of food produced in a home kitchen. 

The full description is as follows: The Share-Inn Economy simulation positions students in the role of the General Counsel (GC) to a start-up tech company as they grapple with explaining the current legal landscape and identifying options to advocate for policy change to allow the company to expand into the food service industry. Students learn about advising, business strategy, and legislative and policy advocacy skills. Over the course of multiple sessions students read three prompts and relevant background information that presents the progression of turning an idea into actual legislation by participating in writing a strategy memo to the company CEO, drafting legislation, and presenting legislative testimony. Throughout the simulation students work together in groups.

The case materials are available for free through the following links:

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