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Providing Fresh Produce to Urban Food Deserts

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Research conducted by Emily Broad Leib and the Food Law and Policy Clinic and published in the Harvard Law and Policy Review article “All (Food) Politics is Local: Increasing Food Access Through Local Government Action,” is featured in the April 16, 2014 Sustainable City Network news story “Providing Fresh Produce to Urban Food Deserts.”

As excerpted from the news story:

“The two main challenges for mobile food vendors are permits and costs, Broad Leib said.

‘In a lot of cities, mobile vendors are not allowed,’ she said. A permit for operating a produce cart simply doesn’t exist and the majority of people don’t know how to apply for a variance. Cities that streamline the permitting process and reduce permit fees will reap the benefits of mobile food vendors, she added.

‘Ultimately we want residents to use the mobile food vendors. Cities need to make it so they can operate affordably,’ Broad Leib said.”

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