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28 Inspirational People Working to Reduce Food Waste

Originally published by Food Tank in October 2018.

Nearly one-third of all food produced for human consumption—approximately 1.3 billion tons—is lost or wasted from farm to fork each year. Food loss and waste tends to be insidious—some is lost on the farm, some is lost in transport, waste occurs in grocery stores and at restaurants, and some is wasted in our homes.

Food waste has economic, environmental, and social repercussions, some of which are not yet quantifiable. Financially, approximately US$1 trillion of food is wasted annually. Environmentally, food waste is a drain on water resources, takes up valuable agricultural land, and negatively impacts biodiversity. Socially, wasted food equates to food that could be eaten by vulnerable populations or growing global populations.

Food Tank is excited to highlight 28 food waste warriors—inspiring chefs, scientists, activists, academics, entrepreneurs, and others who are working to prevent food loss and waste across the globe.




Emily Broad Leib (Assistant Clinical Professor, Harvard Law School), U.S.

Emily Broad Leib’s work in food law and policy in the U.S. has earned her recognition as a national leader in the subject. Founder of Harvard Law School’s Food Law and Policy Clinic, Broad Leib uses her position to tackle major issues in the food system, including food waste. Her project, “Reducing Food Waste as a Key to Addressing Climate Change,” was awarded Harvard University’s Climate Change Solutions Fund in 2015. Her work on topics such as food safety regulations and food date labels, in collaboration with others at the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic, has been highlighted in the media and through speaking engagements.

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