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In late September, the White House hosted the second ever Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health (the Conference).  The first conference, held in 1969, led to transformative change in the […]

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Jessica Grubesic and Naomi Jennings are law students in the HLS Food Law & Policy Clinic and guest contributors on this blog. To launch its ambitious five-pillar strategy to end hunger and increase healthy […]

Capitol building on a cloudy day.

Originally written by Aaron Pressman and published on The Boston Globe on October 24, 2022. Ryan Begin, chief executive and cofounder of Concord-based startup Divert, sometimes has to take on […]

Food Waste

This blog post was written by Sophie DeBode, a student in the Food Law and Policy Clinic. The Inflation Reduction Act, signed August 16, 2022, provides roughly $369 billion in funding […]

picture of food waste

Originally written by Sandhya Raman and published by Roll Call on 10/19/2022. The pandemic and a spike in drug use has exacerbated the disease, but some states are beginning to […]

Letter dice that spell out HCV

Originally written by Christine Vestal and published on PEW on October 12, 2022. Meals on Wheels had been delivering healthy meals to thousands of older adults in Portland, Oregon, for […]

Food items and medications

This blog post was written by Sophie DeBode and Noelle Musolino, students in the Food Law and Policy Clinic. On September 28th, for the first time in fifty years, the […]

Food Waste

Arizona joins 15 states in streamlining access to lifesaving treatment. The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation of Harvard Law School (CHLPI) and the National Viral Hepatitis Roundtable (NVHR) […]

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Originally written by Dee-Ann Durbin and published by The Washington Post on Oct. 5, 2022. As awareness grows around the world about the problem of food waste, one culprit in particular […]

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Originally written by Maeve Sheehy and published on Bloomberg Law on Oct. 5, 2022. Companies creating lab-grown steak, chicken, and fish see a recent White House announcement as a signal […]

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Alabamians with substance use disorder and Medicaid coverage can now access curative HCV treatment. Effective October 1, 2022, Alabama Medicaid announced that it is removing sobriety-related restrictions to lifesaving Hepatitis […]

Letter dice that spell out HCV

The Farm Bill Law Enterprise published 2023 Farm Bill Recommendations The Farm Bill Law Enterprise (FBLE) recently published five reports that seek to infuse new ideas and amplify calls to […]

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