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Integrating Health Care and Social Services

Health care providers, payers, and policymakers are increasingly coming to recognize that health relies on more than a visit to the doctor’s office. Emerging community-clinical partnership models allow the U.S. health care system to respond more directly to the ways that our homes, food, environment, and daily lives impact health. However, these models raise new questions regarding how health care laws and policies apply to partnerships between the health care and social sectors.   

Our Approach

The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation’s (CHLPI’s) Health Law Lab works to address these important questions. The Health Law Lab advocates for policy reforms that better support community-clinical partnerships. The Health Law Lab also works with community partners, health care organizations, and other experts to examine the range of legal issues that may affect the design and implementation of community-clinical partnerships.  

New Resources for GusNIP Produce Prescription Grantees on HIPAA

CHLPI recently published a series of issue briefs on HIPAA compliance topics for the GusNIP Nutrition Incentive Program Training, Technical Assistance, Evaluation, and Information Center.

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