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The Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and the Harvard Food Law Society are pleased to announce the publication of the 2014 Food Law and Policy Career Guide. The area […]

On July 22, two different U.S Courts of Appeals issued conflicting opinions on whether an IRS rule, that holds that individuals purchasing private health insurance in both federal- and state-run […]

by Austin Bryniarski*, Summer Intern, Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic I remember when I first learned about food deserts some years ago. I was at an urban farm in […]

The Food Law and Policy Clinic (FLPC) is excited to announce the publication of its guide, Urban Agriculture in Boston: Permits and Approvals Needed to Start Your Less than One […]

Robert Greenwald’s article “Speak Up! Watchdogging the ACA for People with HIV” was published in Achieve (Volume 6, Number 4), a quarterly journal on HIV prevention, treatment, and politics. Greenwald […]

by Qing Qing Miao, 2014 Summer Intern, Health Law and Policy Clinic The Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation’s work on PATHS – a project targeting diabetes-specific health advocacy […]

By: Katerina Souliopoulos, 2014 Summer Intern, Health Law & Policy Clinic This week, the Supreme Court ruled that closely held for-profit corporations, those corporations in which five or fewer individuals control […]

By: Marcus Alan McGhee, M.P.A., 2014 Summer Intern, Health Law and Policy Clinic Prison or Treatment? This is a question not posed to most citizens, but one becoming more prevalent […]

Boston Business Journal June 26, 2014 Harvard Law School study seeks to prove health insurance should fund food as medicine Imagine that you are a diabetic. Except you can’t speak […]

National Journal June 23, 2014 Is Obamacare Living Up to Its Preexisting-Conditions Promise? Insurance companies may have found a way to skirt one of Obamacare’s most popular promises: equal access […]

Bridging the Gap between Cultural Communities and Health Providers: Peers for Progress Consolidates Research Findings, Discussions, and Directions On June 17 and 18, doctors, health researchers, and other medical leaders […]

On Monday, June 23, 2014, the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) officially launched the Legal Services Food Hub (LSFH), a free legal services clearinghouse for farmers, food entrepreneurs, and food-related organizations. […]

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